Hender’s Corner

by Russell Steer
Published August 2012

I was recently on a “Co-op Way Walk” in the area of Thorn Park and Mutley Park. When we were nearby Hender’s Corner no one in the group knew why everyone called the area by this name. I purchased William White’s “Plymouth 1890 History and Directory” from the City Library “Book Sale” and noticed that for Egg Buckland Road (Tavistock Road, Compton Efford) the following people were listed: 

Hender & Sons, Nurserymen
Hender Wm. Thomas (Florist)
Hender Hy.Jno (Florist).

It would appear that the name was used at this time and has stayed with us for over 100 years. Local people going there by public transport no doubt asked for “Hender’s Corner”. Should there be a name plate “Hender’s Coner” to help keep the name for a further 100 years?

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