Plymouth Promenade Pier: Facts and Figures

by Old Plymouth SocietyPublished September 2019 FACTS AND FIGURES The Promenade PierPlymouth had the idea of a pier as long ago as 1865, but it was not until the late 1870s that a Mr Edward S Lancaster took on the cause and...

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A Snapshot of Artists with a Plymouth Connection

by Old Plymouth SocietyPublished July 2018 A SNAPSHOT OF ARTISTS WITH A PLYMOUTH CONNECTIONBERYL COOK OBEBorn in September 1926 in Surrey, she received no formal training and only took up painting in her thirties. She had...

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Opening of the Royal Botanical Gardens

by Gloria DixonPublished July 2018 OPENING OF THE ROYAL BOTANIC GARDENS 1850Did you know that Plymouth once boasted its own Botanic Gardens? They could be found in the area around Rendle Street and Flora Street, behind...

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