Before the Pillar Box

by David ChamberlainsPublished December 2012 Chris Robinson's article "Plymouth's Oldest Post Box" in the September 2001 edition of "Old Plymouth Today" should prompt the question: "How did the inhabitants of Plymouth post...

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Mutley Baptist Church

by Chris RobinsonPublished December 2012 Our thanks to Chris for allowing the society to use his work in this way.With the arrival of the railways in Plymouth in the middle of the last century, the South Devon Railway Co,...

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When Plymouth had steam trams

by Brian MoseleyPublished December 2012 The Plymouth, Devonport & District Tramways Act received the Royal Assent on July 24th 1882. It authorised the formation of The Plymouth, Devonport and District Tramways Company,...

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Honest John

by A J RomangPublished December 2012 John Pethick was born in 1828, he lived at Crabtree and at the age of 12 left school to work for his father who was manager of the Dartmoor Granite Works and among his duties supervised...

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Plympton Priory 904 A.D.-1539 A.D.

by John BouldenPublished December 2012 The earliest known reference to Plympton Priory is a Saxon Charter dated 904 in which King Edward the Elder (899-924) son of Alfred the Great, gave land to the Bishop of Sherbourne in...

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Lower Venn – Its place in history

by Len StephnesPublished December 2012 The ancient tything of Weston Peverell is rich in local history, and although many of its famous buildings like Montpelier, Belair, Prospect and Burleigh have disappeared they have...

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